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  • A powerful SaaS tool for production planning, optimization and analytics.

What is ERPsidekick?

ERPsidekick is a powerful customized SaaS tool for production planning, optimization and analytics. We combine industry standard expectations for capability and data conversion with a user-friendly functionality that is sorely missing from existing ERP Systems.

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Ultimate Features...

Designed to better help large companies manage and plan for their ever-growing businesses.

  • Resource Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Forecasting

  • Cost Estimation

  • Recommendation and Analytics Dashboard

Easy Integration

ERPsidekick is meant to act as a liaison between you and your existing ERP System. The primary function is to act as a a user-friendly interface between your company

Finite Loading

Most current ERP Systems are infinite loading systems which means that it is often possible that company resources are overbooked. ERPsidekick however, is finite and will never allow the companies resources to be spread to thin.

Direct Modeling

Direct modeling allows for easy projections of resource usage and scheduling based on user input. This helps companies to easily model their paths to improved optimization.


ERPsidekick is finding its market by innovating where many legacy ERP systems have failed to do so despite time and resources. Our Team is constantly working to implement new features for more efficient functionality and an improved user experience.


Features Coming Soon to ERPsidekick
Always innovating...

The development and marketing teams are constantly working in tandem to identify new opportunities to increase user-friendliness and funtionality to the user.

ERPsidekick will eventually be a blockchain-enabled system. What this means for the consumer is increased data security and more efficient functionality.

AI Assistant

The development team is currently working towards integrating a smart AI assistant to improve ease of access and usability for the system and to develop smarter modeling predictions to help companies better optimize their current operations.

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